Angelina Jolie is Getting Married

Angelina Jolie and Brad PittAt last Angelina Jolie is Getting Married to her long time lover Brad Pitt. Star couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, recently announced its intention to get married, have begun to actively prepare for it. Exclusive diamond ring with a huge 48-year-old actor has already presented his sweetheart, and now the future bride “conjures” over the wedding dress, which goes to the altar, write the foreign media.

In honor of the marriage of Brad Pitt gave his lover Angelina exclusive ring with a huge diamond. Now the future bride wedding dress deals, which will go to the altar. His preference for Angelina gave the Italian fashion house Versace, which is a leader in the sewing wedding dresses. In the development of dress will be attended by Donatella Versace and designer of the famous Hollywood costume designer Jane Reid. It is in their attire – a black velvet dress with a slit to the thigh were dressed 36-year-old actress on the red carpet “Oscar” in February of this year. In anticipation of the joyful events are not only the couple, but their six children, which prompted the parents to formalize their relationship . Preparing for the wedding as close relatives and friends of Angelina and Brad. So, Julia Roberts, for example, as a gift for kids to look after the bride and groom, even though many perceive this proposal as a joke . 

Recall lavish celebration will be held in the south of France at the end of this year.

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