Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has Got Three New Game Modes

 Yes, the most successful military first-person shooter, and most record game series in the history of the gaming industry, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has Got Three New Game Modes. Developers of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 took up their promises they introduced just three new modes – Drop Zone, Hardcore Ricochet, and Hardcore HQ Ricochet, but also made some changes to existing ones.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has Got Three New Game Modes

The message Robert Bowling , published on the official forum Call of Duty , it is said that one of the most important innovations that accompany the next update, have become so-called Community Playlists. According to the “creative strategist” Infinity Ward , with their help developers can extend the “public playlist” several popular user mode. In fact, here they are: 

  • Drop Zone
    To earn the required number of points, players will need to get the “point of landing.” The team with 7500 points is the winner of the round. If “landing point” busy, every fifteen seconds there will be discharged Care Package. The dominant team at the point automatically becomes the owner of a “package”. The rest, this is the package can only steal it. Actually, in this mode it is the only way to get air support. All other “pointstriki” here are disabled. As for the points, the system will charge a team of twenty units every second of every player in the “dz”. User according to his personal time, the system will charge twenty experience points. For murder in the Drop Zone yield of fifty XP-points.
  • Hardcore HQ Ricochet
    developers will add Hardcore Headquarters playlist in the Hardcore Team Tactical.
  • Hardcore Ricochet
    All of the existing regimes will be converted into Hardcore Ricochet. Bottom line is this: every bullet fired into an ally, will return to the attacker and will not cause any damage to the potential victim. In other words, now the players will have to carefully choose a goal, not to kill himself.

In addition to new modes of developers have promised to organize the work of hosts, and once and for all deal with some “lags”. Update, as you probably already guessed, absolutely free.


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