Angelina Jolie is the Most Evil of the Kingdom Malosa

Angelina Jolie is the Most Evil of the Kingdom MalosaAngelina Jolie takes some time without getting in front of a camera. Now she leave the lead and sit on the other side, but everybody is happy that the streak ends as soon as re-interpretation . Just do not see it coming and interestingly, is a Disney movie …

To see that no one gives a parraque, which is not uqe going to be the new Hannah Montana, the blonde and brunette wig and ended with ‘Salt’. The next role of Angelina Jolie for the factory of dreams and stars run down, it will be in the role of bad Malosa, the wicked witch of the story of Sleeping Beauty to be called ‘Maleficent’ .

I have not acted in two years and during that time I have done nothing more than this (referring to ‘In a land of blood and honey’). The next thing I’m waiting for is a Disney movie

So the movie to be directed by Robert Stromberg already has with Jolie, Julia Roberts and Charlize Theron among actresses, which I’m going to be divas too much war can not end with an ending as happy to eat partridge …

Anyway, we gladly return to having Angie on the screen, we already had quite abandoned.


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