Youtube Test Live TV

Youtube Test Live TV

On Monday, YouTube share the information posted on this blog on their website will give members of the nonprofit program the opportunity to disseminate their goals on this website, by taking part in charity events or seminars in real life.

Ramya Raghavan, manager of news and politics Youtube on Mashable said

Previously, we have implemented an online service for a small group of selected partners. Today, it will be publicly opened to all 16,000 non-profit organizations within the non-profit program of Youtube. 

There were two non-profit organizations take advantage of the live broadcast on this website. On Saturday last, on the 3rd of March the Equal Rights Foundation has Ameriacan live TV program first on YouTube, on the opening of the trial for Proposal Proposition 8 in California. Campaign RED ONE campaign and live TV a symposium last a day on World AIDS Day in December.

Youtube has created a big boost to the program of their profit. In April came here, this site will hold high level meetings last a day in San Francisco to deploy to help non-profit, share their stories on social networks via video.

What kind of events do you mean that non-profit programs should live television? What about other organizations that you think Youtube should open next live broadcast?


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