YouTube Added a Tool to Improve the Video in One Click (Video)

YouTube Added a ToolSay goodbye to the shaky camera and unpredictable exposure. YouTube announced the release of the tool to fix the video, which promises to clean up any video of poor quality.

You’re already used to be able to edit videos online on YouTube, but now the site offers the ability to automatically improve your video. YouTube finds defects the camera on the video and displays the message, offering to correct this defect. Two automatic functions designed to work with the exposure and stabilization. So, if the lighting in your video was not up to par, YouTube makes it a little brighter, or, if your movie the descent on a mountain bike can not see because of the bumps in the picture, even the audience begins to feel sick, we hope that YouTube will be able to fix that, too. Correction with one click.

New feature works on the principle of a single button press, so that the user is not enough that depends. It may not be suitable for beginners masters of auteur cinema, which would “only a little darker picture” for the noir effect in the film, but it is hoped that this tool will raise the overall level of most of the videos uploaded by ordinary users YouTube. If you do not like the result of editing video, you can always go back to the original version by using the “off”. Software Engineer YouTube John Gregg , published the news about this tool, also showed an example of video stabilization “paaandaa” shot with strong shaking ¬†as we believe, at the zoo – up to and after .

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