You can Build your own Phone Using free Hardware

woodphone-1David Mellis, Free Hardware pioneer has spent some time modifying the Arduino GSM Shield plans to turn it into a fully functional phone. The idea is that anyone can make their own mobile free Hardware-based.

With the launch of the project ARA Motorola , there are few voices have been raised claiming a little more freedom on the part of manufacturers have taken advantage of the technical complexity of producing gadgets to bind us to the inability to upgrade devices next generation mobile, or directly modify to afford pleasure.

If such is your case, you might want to take a look at the latest idea to come out of the head of David Mellis, one of the creators of Arduino.

A great starting point for electronics studentsMellis has made ??available worldwide the construction of mobile devices. Therefore, it has decided to take its starting point a Arduino GSM Shieldcomponent designed to allow aircraft based on Arduino connect to the network using wireless GSM connectivity, and has created a center plate to make a phone with all the law.

However, by itself the Arduino GSM Shield is not sufficient to operate a mobile phone, and since these matters necessary to save as much space as possible, so you end up completing the set with the ability to append other components that would give life to such devices as a screen, buttons, microphone, speakers and other basic requirements to operate as a real phone Arduino, including the Software , all integrated into a single card.

Best of the invention is that Mellis has free Hardware , climbing everything for people to print, design and modify the plate. Thus, the plate can be printed at a cost of $ 60 per three units using the online service OSH Park .woodphone-2

Unfortunately, if you want to build your own phone, you should keep in mind that you do except for scientific or experimental purposes, have a functional phone with this method is not economical .The final cost, when you add everything you need including buttons, speaker, microphone and housing,can easily exceed $ 200 , enough to be a gadget of this size.


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