The World’s Most Trusted Pen with NASA Technology

NASA-penThere are different kinds of pens . Some give us good service for the duration of its life and others begin to fail prematurely. Today we show the world’s most trusted pen . The ink lasts much longer than any other, has a body of titanium and is able to write at all temperatures , even unimaginable. But best of all, it works at any angle , making it a truly reliable pen.

 It was created by Fisher Space Pen and used by NASA astronauts in space travel since 1967. Of course, it is a patented pen. The ink is black and has a high viscosity thixotropic , which allows you to last three times what a normal pen. Interestingly, duration and effectiveness make never be replaced.

Moreover, one of the main inconveniences of some feathers is the matter of the ink to drip and stain everything around. This, however, contains nitrogen gas sealed inside the ink tank, which is pressurized so that no leaks : allows the tip write cleanly and accurately, regardless of the temperature (even in very hot or very cold) , or if the user is sitting at a desk or decide to write while floating in space.

In terms of design, not the cutest pen, but it is ugly. Basic, as office, works well. Best of all, it does not weigh much, and the chrome finish is pretty universal. It has a pocket clip for attachment to … or a space suit .

Now for the price, sure are asking for it. It costs $ 150 . And it may seem expensive, just that we are not talking about an ordinary pen. Not only durable, reliable and durable, but technically we would save the purchase of other pens, it is not necessary to replace it. That in theory, for feathers is what people lost, forgotten and steals . So maybe it would not be much. However, for the enemies of disposable pens, this is one of the best alternatives.


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