Three Tricks to Save Time While Using iTunes 11

iTunes-11-5The most fun begin with testing of a new program or operating system and discover all the little tricks and shortcuts that make your life much easier. iTunes 11 is a radical program and as such there are a lot of new keyboard shortcut and interesting tricks that we can use every day to save time. Here are three very interesting.

 1:Switches between the different sections of the program . As you will have seen, Apple has hidden the selection bar sections of the program, which is now summarized in a simple menu on top. If you want to quickly change between the sections may not need to access the menu, simply use the keyboard combination for the first cmd +1, +2 for the second cmd, cmd +3 for the third … and so on .

2:Use the new minireproductor while iTunes full screen . Open iTunes and select options in the Dock to display on all desktops. Later opened from the Window option minireproductor / Minireproductor and finally use the command cmd + alt + f to show full screen iTunes.

3:Add songs to playlist “then” quickly. This function is for me one of the best of those included with iTunes 11, but can be a bit confusing to use. Nothing is further from reality, to add a song to this playlist you should only select it and drag it to the “screen” display of program actions.

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