Transmitter BiKN Helps you to Find Your Keys on Your iPhone

Transmitter BiKN Helps you to Find Your Keys on Your iPhone

Scheduled for release this month BiKN using 802.15.4 – The basis for ZigBee, including protocols low power wireless networks to connect your iPhone with a bunch of tiny labels that can be used to locate objects with which shall have connected. The system uses a special RF-enabled housing within which is placed iPhone 4/4S (or iPhone 3GS) you.

Once we install BiKN from the App Store, you can select the tags you assign to discover how far from you is any “lost” object with a range of several tens of meters. The labels, each the size of a matchbox is rechargeable and is supposed to last for several weeks. On the other hand the iPhone application gives you an indication of style radar for how long is the current label, while that creates a sound to help you locate it more easily. Now that you can use this system?

Since it seems there is no limit to the applications from the simplest to the keys, until the collar of your pet if it has been common trends flight.However, even these cases may find use as labels in the sense that if you have two devices you can connect the two cases and to find so a phone over the other. Both cases, and the labels loaded via micro USB, so no need to worry about special mounts or adapters.

The system is sold in packages with a couple of labels with its value is around 78 euros to 98 euros, while the additional Labels will cost 40 euros each. The system can support up to 256 tags simultaneously mapped.


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