TOP 5 Most Technologically Sophisticated Weapons

Here are TOP 5 Most Technologically Sophisticated Weapons:-

1. Sniper Rifle Barrett MRAD:-

TOP 5 Most Technologically Sophisticated Weapons 1

This is the most versatile and tech sniper rifle, which is the U.S. Army. It is built on a modular scheme, where each individual part can be replaced by another, better and better.Interchangeable barrel also allows you to change the caliber of the rifle. The rifle also features an incredibly long range shooting and a high penetrating power. All this makes Barrett MRAD the most technologically advanced and, thus, threatening small arms.

2. HK M320 Grenade Launcher:-

TOP 5 Most Technologically Sophisticated Weapons 2

Powerful and versatile single-shot grenade launcher HK M320 can be attached to the American M4 rifles and M16. Allows you to shoot a high-explosive and illuminating and smoke rounds. Provides high accuracy by aiming a laser rangefinder. A special technology allows you to aim and maintain an effective fire even at night.

3. Multicharged M32 grenade:-

TOP 5 Most Technologically Sophisticated Weapons 3

This monster is capable of semiautomatic fire six 40 mm grenades in less than three seconds. The design resembles a classic revolver grenade launcher with a drum, but increased several-fold. Despite the enormous firepower, firing a grenade launcher is absolutely silent. Also, M32 grenade shells can be charged with special cameras, which are fired into the air and slowly descending on a parachute, let you view the battlefield. Yet it can be recharged by light grenades to cover a large area at night.

4. Shotgun Beretta LTLX7000:-

TOP 5 Most Technologically Sophisticated Weapons 4

The disadvantage is the lack of many shotguns accuracy when shooting at medium distances. Beretta LTLX7000 debunked the stereotype. Using a special holographic sight shotgun capable of conduct aimed fire at a distance of 250 meters without loss of penetrating power. Sufficient to specify the parameters sight distance at which you want to make a shot, after which will be calculated flight path of the fraction, and the arrow will be just aim and shoot

5. Grenade XM25:-

TOP 5 Most Technologically Sophisticated Weapons 5

Last year, the grenade was a real Christmas present for American soldiers fighting in Afghanistan. XM25 is a holder of four 25 mm grenades, and can shoot them at a distance of half a mile. But the peculiarity of them is that they can be programmed to explode after a shot at a certain time, and each charge separately. Not surprisingly, this automaton soldiers nicknamed “The Punisher”. And to make it easier to target the soldiers, XM25 equipped with all sorts of sensors and a laser sight with the function of determining the distance.

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