Top 5 Superhero Weapons That are Available to Everyone

Review of 5 comic book characters of weapons that can be purchased.

Surely among the readers are fans of comics and books about superheroes. What characterizes a superhero? Of course, the unique superpower, the original costume and Crown specific weapon.

Fans clearly are willing to spend their savings to buy one of the accessories of his idol. And best of all – a weapon with him because you feel like a real superhero, ready to do justice.

5. Hammer of Thor:-

Top 5 Superhero Weapons That are Available to Everyone 5

Fans of comic book The Mighty Thor remembered a special weapon superhero-god Thor – a powerful hammer. Alternative title – “Hammer of the Gods.” The unique ability to hammer in addition to ultra-high impact force, will be able to go back into the hands of the owner on the principle of a boomerang. The owner of this super-weapon can be any fan or just a fan of souvenirs. However, the price, too, “Superhero” – $ 1000.

4. Boomerang Blade:-

Top 5 Superhero Weapons That are Available to Everyone 4

Blade – one of the most famous characters komiksovoy symbolizing this vampire hunter. Though he was half-vampire and half human – his incredible stamina and strength helped to destroy the hordes of blood-sucking creatures. Apart from the huge arsenal of firearms and other silver bullets antivampirskimi means, especially one armed allocated among the other – a double-edged boomerang called the Bloodbath Glaive. This boomerang can get every fan of the trilogy Blade for just $ 125. By the way, be careful – he’s very sharp. 

3. Captain America’s Shield:-

Top 5 Superhero Weapons That are Available to Everyone 3

Captain America is one of the most famous superhero comic book company Marvel Comics. The first issue was published in March 1941. The main features of the superhero Captain America was his superhuman strength, reaction speed and agility, costume, painted in the colors of the flag the United States, and, of course, a bulletproof shield with the star.According to legend, the shield of satisfied vibraniumno-alloy steel, which is even used as knives. Fans of comic books, this board is available for purchase, but I hasten to disappoint – it is made of conventional materials, and not from a mixture of steel and Vibranium.

2. Doctor Who sonic screwdriver:-

Top 5 Superhero Weapons That are Available to Everyone 2

Perhaps the most exotic and versatile weapon of all komiksovoy universe belongs to a very famous character, Dr. Who. Doctor Who sonic screwdriver like a magic wand that can, if not all, very much: repairing various equipment, open all the doors, serves as a medical device, scans and recognizes the extra-terrestrial life forms. However, the screwdriver has one drawback – no effect on wooden objects. Become the owner of this unique sonic screwdriver can be $ 20. 

1. Syurikeny Batman:-

Top 5 Superhero Weapons That are Available to Everyone 1

Unlike many superheroes, Batman has no superhuman abilities. However, it is a very rich man, and fights against evil with the help of a vast arsenal of all kinds of gadgets and technology. In addition to the Batmobile and Betvinga, especially remembered his syurikeny made in the form of a bat – they should be in the arsenal of every admirer of Batman.


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