Use your Tongue to … Drive

Use your Tongue to Drive

This breakthrough is aimed at improving life for those with spinal cord injuries is increasing.

The system, called Tongue Drive (driving on the tongue) was developed at Georgia Institute of Technology, USA.

A splint that includes the magnetic sensor is mounted in the 4 corners shall have discovered the movement of a tiny magnet attached to the user’s tongue.

The system can explain the move seven different blades to drive a wheelchair or surf the Web.

Stored signal will be transmitted to an iPhone or an iPod that contains software interprets the commands the user’s tongue by determining the position of the magnet.

Apple gadgets are attached to the wheelchair using a custom interface.

The research team recruited 11 individuals with spinal cord injury level to test the system.

Each is equipped with a device attached to a tiny magnets to track movements of the tongue.The tests are very encouraging results.

The researchers said:

 ‘The use of this system, the computer moves the cursor faster and more accurate, overcome obstacles faster and crash less than’.


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