The Low Temperature Resistant Smartphone Running Smoothly at -30 C

The Low Temperature Resistant Smartphone Running Smoothly at -30 C

MikroPC Finnish magazine conducted a test to determine who is the toughest smartphone in terms of temperatures well below 0 degrees. Publication team tested 15 of the most popular phones available in Finland.

The tests took place in the “Weather Room”, a laboratory located in VTT Research Centre of the Finnish city of Espoo. Specialized research laboratory offers full control of internal temperature, which means that the temperatures indicated by the measuring apparatus can be modified even a fraction of a degree. 

Initial temperature of the research laboratory was set at zero degrees Celsius, then was lowered incrementally with each five degrees, so when any smartphone has not worked. One by one, some of the most popular phones have yielded cold.

A major factor that makes smartphones not work below 0 degrees is the battery. When the temperature drops significantly, a mobile phone battery recorded as consumed, even if it is fully charged. Therefore the phone can not be started.

MikroPC team found that the smartphone is resistant to low temperatures Samsung GALAXY S II, which ran until the temperature reached -35 degrees Celsius. The phone continued to work without problems when the temperature reached -30 degrees Celsius. All five models who participated in the test Samsung crossed the threshold of -20 degrees Celsius.

Source: Samsung

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