Sticker Smartphone is the future of electronics

Scientists create a new class of electronics (Sticker Smartphones) that interacts with the body in different ways.

Sticker Smartphone

During the experiments, the researchers assembled a prototype of an electronic “sticker”.  A bracelet with a temperature sensor, microcircuits, an indicator and a power source. Image: KAIST

A group of scientists and engineers from the Korean KAIST Institute is developing microchips that can stick to the body. I will stick to the skin like wet paper or silicone plaster. The “stickers” with electronic circuits are made on the basis of gallium. It is the material with a melting point of about 30 degrees Celsius. As a result, the wearable device has the usual rigid form, like ordinary electronics. But When you apply it to the skin, it becomes flexible and “sticks”, without restricting movements. In this case, the “sticker” hardens again as soon as the device is removed from the skin and it cools to room temperature. This makes it possible to keep the circuit in a stable rigid state which reduces the risk of breakage during transportation and storage. Gallium has a relatively high rigidity, which allows you to create reliable devices.

Sticker Smartphone are Amazing!

The advantages of such electronics are obvious. So, a theoretical smartphone on a “sticker” substrate does not need to be held in your hand. It can be comfortably combined with clothing and directly by the user’s hands. Flexible non-traumatic electronics do not require any complex mounts, pockets, etc. In addition, contact with the skin allows the use of new types of interfaces: to send signals by changing the temperature, tingling with a weak electric current. You can also connect medical sensors, implants, elements of the neural interfaces to the “sticker”. Korean scientists, in partnership with neuroscientists, have already carried out appropriate tests on rats using a new type of electronics as implantable electrodes.

Chip Smartphone

On the basis of gallium, various circuits can be assembled by integrating microscopic electronic components and batteries into them. Image KAIST

The developers of the new technology have done a lot of work to create technology that can be scaled. They hope that they will be able to create the basis for truly innovative electronics. They will offering unique opportunities and ways of interaction. This is not just additional or folding screens but a platform capable of combining many developments and integrating them more closely with the human body. As compare to conventional mobile devices the sticker is very user friendly. The creators of the technology called this platform “Trans-formative Electronics Systems”. He want to attract developers of software, interfaces, biomedical applications, etc. to the develop  a new class of electronics.


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