SIM cards for IoT use

Whether it’s a container, truck or garbage can: the easiest way to¬†integrate¬†things¬†wirelessly into the¬†Internet of Things is¬†by mobile phone¬†.¬†In addition to the big players in the industry, there are numerous smaller and larger specialized providers on the market that promise tailor-made solutions.

SIM cards for IoT use

The market of network providers for the access of all kinds of things to the Internet is booming. An indication of this is that in addition to the large network operators whose Internet of Things we presented some time ago. Numerous companies have completely specialized in machine networking. Some of the offers are also aimed at private users. However, the majority of the solutions are tailored to companies.

At companies specializing in the use of IoT, SIM cards can usually be booked as physical cards in the three usual sizes or as embedded SIM or eSIM. In some cases, the cards can be flexibly equipped with individual profiles remotely via the management portals. Access to the portals is in most cases only possible from a larger number of cards.

Free and global SIM cards for IoT use

Almost global connectivity enables all of the following solutions, with some providers omitting individual countries. When roaming, the nationally independent operators have the national advantage. In particular that they can let their SIM cards really choose the network. On the other hand, according to industry statements, IoT SIM cards from network operators prefer their own network.

Common to all is that the common standards 2G, 3G and 4G are supported. The NB-IoT standard designed for machine communication is not (yet) supported by all providers. The same applies to SMS: Not all companies explicitly mention the Short Message Service.


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