Samsung Has Patented a Universal Stylus

Samsung Retina screen

Samsung has come to use a stylus in the autumn of 2011, releasing a smartphone Galaxy Note. In certain cases, the stylus is very useful because it can greatly facilitate the work on the user’s mobile device. Therefore, the manufacturer decided to develop the idea – this says a new patent application on a universal stylus.

According to this document, Samsung said stylus is not just a small plastic stylus, and high-grade electronic device that plays the role of the gadget support for tablets and the branded smartphones. The stylus is described in the patent, would be much better their standard counterparts for touch screens.

There are currently dominate the market are basically two types of touch screens – resistive and capacitive. The first – a more robust and accurate, but is less comfortable to use. The latter have a more precise and responsive, but because of the design features are able to perceive only the touch of human fingers. With the help of the original technology using microcurrents that passed through the human body, Samsung is going to “cheat” capacitive display, forcing him to assume that the contact was made by the man himself.

The stylus will not be limited to basic functions, described in the patent of the company.Samsung plans to equip it with additional modules, which include NFC-chip, speaker and microphone. In conjunction with the tablet stylus can perform this task wireless headset or electronic purse.


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