Samsung Light Bulb Having Warranty of 36 Years

The new series of Samsung lamp has a lifespan of 40,000 hours, or 40 times longer than a traditional incandescent bulb. The company estimates that in normal use, the bulbs could withstand up to 36 years, and specifically states that:

The Samsung uses digital tools to revolutionize the field of lighting. 

In Other words, If You Purchase the Samsung bulb, your Grandson is liable to get new bulb if it is fuse because of its  36 Years Warranty Period.

Samsung Launched the Bulb, Having Warranty of 36 Years

Samsung is a world leader in TV “LED”, is therefore not surprising that it has a vast experience on the illumination LED.

Besides their use has commenced and is widely used, and offers an economy, long life and is environmentally friendly. However, the period of 36 years, is indeed very impressive.

A lamp is no longer just a simple lamp. Behind it lurks a whole digital technology consists of LED drivers, chips and electronics, “says senior VP of Samsung for household appliances.The Samsung LED lamps light up immediately, it is almost free from ultraviolet and infrared light and is capable to produce a highly homogeneous and pure light, thus providing better lighting in your home, remaining economic and ecological.

However, although new technology could be as old news – Once an American company, Eden Park, explores an entirely new technology “plasma light”, which creates light by a thin as a sheet plasma layer between two sheets of aluminum. 

It could even allow the lighting of walls, in the form of wallpaper and its energy consumption is infinitesimal. Unfortunately, the company has not announced when we will be able to enjoy this new technology up close.


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