Samsung Transforms Glass Windows in LCD Displays

Samsung Transforms Ordinary Glass Windows in LCD DisplaysResearch Unit Samsung announced the creation of advanced LED technology, which transforms ordinary glass windows in LCD displays.

According to the newspaper, The Advanced Institute of Technology Samsung managed to create a single-crystal gallium nitride on amorphous glass substrates.

This advanced design would eliminate the use today of the LCD screens of sapphire substrates and create a much broader panel at lower production costs. In other words, the new process will set in place of ordinary window glass displays, which will also transmit light.

One of the most likely applications of the new display technology is transparent advertising billboards or information screens. They can also be used, as one of the engineers Samsung, to “give the buildings personality.”

The work of researchers Samsung was published in the online version of the monthly journal Nature Photonics. In order to establish mass production of advanced displays, a international giant may take up to ten years. Prototype of Samsung transparent LCD screen has not revealed.

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