Ryno Unicycle: The World`s First One Wheel Bike

Ryno Unicycle - The World`s First One Wheel Bike

The truth is that we connect the motor racing with two wheels. But why no one uses two wheels when you can do just as well work with one? This probably thought Tony Ozrelic and created Ryno!

The Ozrelic is the developer behind the program that controls the balance of Ryno.

What is the simplest form of motoring that can work?” Is still a question put to himself the Tony, when hardware manufactured in the Ryno.

The Tony noticed that many of those who climbed for the first time on a Segway, not trusted technology that allows the two-wheeled “skateboard” to balance itself. Trying to balance their own machine, rather than let it do its job. The result was suddenly shaking and terrified riders.

So when planning Ozrelic technology that would allow the Ryno to balance and turn, had already realized that it first had to curb the natural human instincts on balance, if he wanted to give the engine a smooth and intuitive operation , “says a note the site of the company . ” For me, the logic of Ryno stands alone. Man learns to balance on baby, so why take it to a machine?


A rider can be attached to Ryno with minimal training and effort to do that anyway that already knows how to do it. To drive a motorcycle , “says Ozreli. ” A machine is smart enough to do only what you can not, is not only easier but also better , “he adds.

The Ryno Motors was founded in Portland in the U.S. it is time to process of selecting a manufacturer for the vehicle depicted. hopes to start selling the world to the middle or end of 2012. charged with the li-ion battery that powers the electric motor, has a range of 50km and a maximum speed of 30-35km / h. Estimated to cost around 3,000 euros when they go on sale.


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