Board of Imagination to Control a Skate Through Brain Waves (Video)

Board of Imagination to Control a Skate Through Brain Waves (Video)

Based on the essence of the technology behind Kinect, the company Chaotic Moon Labs has taken a step towards a future where man and machine are controlled by the human mind.Under the title of Board of Imagination , the design team has shown the skate which is controlled by our mind .

These would be the second project on the world of skateboarding. Chaotic Moon had built previously Labs Board of Awesomeness , a skateboard where the skater could control the board through Kinect.

This new movement is a leap beyond. As we see in the video, it would be a skateboard that incorporates a tablet Samsung Windows 8 with an electric motor of 800 watts (identical to the previous project) but now with the addition of a hands-free kit. With this, the table read the mind of the pilot and will be able to travel anywhere in the pilot imagine.


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