Repair of the iPhone Xr is expensive

On the occasion of the launch of the iPhone Xr, Apple has published its repair prices . Fixing a display break will be more expensive than on the iPhone 8.

Repair of the iPhone Xr

The repair prices of the iPhone Xr have it all in: Apple has published a price list, as a result, damages are significantly more expensive than the iPhone 8.

Apple takes 221.10 Euro for iPhone XR

If only the display breaks, . When iPhone 8 was the repair of a display damage by Apple 50 euros cheaper. For the remedy of all other damages Apple demands a flat rate of 431,10 Euro. That’s about half the price of an iPhone Xr with 64 GB of storage. Another damage costs the iPhone 8 381.10 euros.

With the iPhone Xs Apple left the prices on the level of the iPhone X.

The display repair costs 311,10 euro, other damages outside of the guarantee are repaired for 591,10 euro.

Who completes Apple’s Insurance Care Plus, however, does not have to fear a higher deductible. Insured pay 29 euros per display exchange and 99 euros for other damages – no matter which iPhone they own.

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