iPhone XR has a different battery!

Specialists of Revoseek dismantled and evaluated the maintainability of the new smartphone iPhone XR on the day of the beginning of its international sales. Unlike the iPhone XS and XS Max , the iPhone XR has a regular rectangular battery.

iPhone XR Battery

Recall, in the older iPhone models are used L-shaped and dual batteries. The battery capacity is 11.16 W h. This is more than 10.13 W ? h in the iPhone XS and less than 12.08 W ? h in the iPhone XS Max. Despite this, the iPhone XR shows the longest battery life among Apple’s 2018 smartphones.

For the first time for iPhone, the smartphone uses a modular SIM card tray. This will allow you to quickly replace the SIM-reader in case of its failure and reduce the cost of replacing the printed circuit board.

The organization of the internal space looks like a cross between an iPhone 8 and an iPhone X, including a rectangular battery and a printed circuit board.

iPhone XR scored 6 points out of a possible 10

Maintainability was at the level of last year’s iPhone X, iPhone XS and XS Max. . When disassembling the screen first removed, if necessary, it can be easily replaced, almost without disassembling the smartphone. Easy access to the battery remained one of the design priorities. Of the minuses there are rare head screws with a Pentalobe screwdriver and with three-way slots. Protection against water also complicates repairs, but it also makes breakdowns less likely. Glass front and rear increases the risk of breaking the smartphone, and replacing the broken back panel requires a complete replacement of the chassis.

What is your experience about iPhone XR  and its battery.


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