First Private U.S. Spaceship “Dragon” Travel to ISS In February 2012

Washington, Dec: The U.S. space agency announced the launch date of the private spaceship Dragon with the International Space Station (ISS)As I know, this is a significant event to happen February 7th, 2012.

First Private U.S. Spaceship Dragon Travel to ISS In February 2012

The main feature of the flight was that the machine commissioned by NASA produced a private company called SpaceX . The output of private players in the market for space transportation is not new, but the first time such a ship dock with the ISS.

The company SpaceX has achieved incredible success in the preparation of the Dragon flight to the space station during the past few months. We look forward to the start of this mission, which will open a new era in the commercial delivery of goods in the international orbiting laboratory, “- said William Gerstenmaier (William Gerstenmaier), NASA Associate Administrator for Space Operations.

Construction of private spacecraft was sponsored by NASA program Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS), launched in 2006. It involves the generous funding of companies working on projects of space transportation systems.

Ship Dragon already performed one trial spacewalk, which was successful. In NASA had expected during the second flight unit will approach the ISS at a distance of about 10 kilometers to catch a radio station. After this was to be held third trip, in which the Dragon dock with the ISS.

But then in office decided that they are able to perform all these actions during a mission, and many times perform meaningless demonstration flights. This summer there is evidence that in November-December, Dragon dock with the ISS, prompting sharp criticism from the Russian Space Agency.

The fact is that Russia now has a monopoly on sending cargo to the ISS.Previously, it could make U.S. shuttles, but a few months ago the space shuttle program. Now the U.S. has a new ship that can compete with the domestic “Union.”

The entire flight will be Dragon in automatic mode, the pilot on the ship will not be. First, the device is suitable for a close, about three miles distance, check the connection, availability of tools, and then make a dock.



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