NASA:The Next Rover to Visit Mars Will be Fully Autonomous

Leading scientists are planning a self controlled / Fully Autonomous navigation system that will piloting the Next Generation Mars Rover, like a kind of autonomous GPS. On Mars, however, there are no GPS satellites to lead, so it is actually quite a clever navigator. Thanks to this, the work vehicle to be speeded up greatly, as it is now up to send a control signal to Mars , a year longer than half an hour. 

The Next Rover to Visit Mars Will be Fully Autonomous

Since the navigation system “Seeker” will save valuable time, the Rover will be available to more time for “strolling” and can cover up to 1 km per day. The system performs a series of basic actions without any command from Earth or some type of natural GPS, but it manages to find its exact location, identifying and recognizing areas and will be able to avoid risks. The team is working on its development involved scientists from Britain, France , Canada and will take seven months to complete. 

The entire project is part of the initiative European Space Agency’s (ESA) StarTiger, which treats such space challenges. The first results of their work, presented by the team at the seventh conference STFC’s Appleton Space a few days ago in an event involving Experts from around the world sharing the latest developments on issues of space exploration.

Download Reference Paper for full detail from NASA


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