The Pirate Bay:Thank you RIAA, Will Soon be the Largest Search Engine

Pirate BayYesterday CEO spoke of the RIAA , Cary Sherman, addressing the U.S. Congress and explaining how much remains to be done to stop piracy online . A message to the search engines like Google or Bing for providing new technical solutions that help hackers sites censor its results with priority for services “legal.” The response of The Pirate Bay did not take long, in his view, ” great news that will increase traffic . “

Sherman spoke of agreements with suppliers now have to punish violators of copyright. A message as opposed to how to proceed now with Google and other search engines.

Although not currently linked in most cases sites like The Pirate Bay or isoHunt , the RIAA wants more:

We want the search engines do more, better practices to prevent users from sites that are dedicated to violate copyright. They should not appear in the top search results for download, this only leads to more piracy and popularity of the site.

There must be a type of ranking that benefits authorized sites for copyrighted works on those unauthorized, who should have lower ratings.

This means that the RIAA seeks to Google and other search engines implement a new system based on complaints to the DMCA so that these are the results to index.

One idea that has already taken the first response from The Pirate Bay . The popular site has launched a blog entry full of irony. A message contrary to what might appear, “supports” the proposal from the RIAA , staging a future that will benefit the TPB traffic itself. I leave you with the entry under the title “Thanks for the help”

Our competitors Recording Industry Stupid in America are trying to ensure that the search engines that compete with us longer to bond again. This is really great news!

At this time 10% of our traffic comes from search engines such competitors. With the ban on traffic our numbers will increase. Users can go directly to us instead of using the browser. We will grow even more. It is very difficult to compete with Google, but if we can be indexed by search engines as means we will be the dominant player in the end.

So from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU RIAA, this is great news for us! For once we support your efforts on something! Let’s make sure that TPB together continue to grow!

A hug from your friends at The Pirate Bay … soon to be the largest search engine in the world media!


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