The New Patent Shows Microsoft is Developing Equipment like Google Glasses

The New Patent Shows Microsoft is Developing Equipment like Google Glasses 1

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) announced a new Microsoft patent application, the documents show is a head-mounted display system like Google glasses.

Microsoft’s description of this device does not have Google glasses less ambitious, but may use more explicit. Unlike Google weather positioning of the glasses, this patent is described as a tool for use by a user in a particular scene.

Microsoft thus described:

Headset device will receive the instructions of the user is involved in on-site activities, and display users to watch live events will also provide additional information; headset device to determine the user perspective and the objects within the field of vision; the supplementary information the retrieval perspective object; determine the above-described supplementary information which show to the user, and the supplementary information is displayed in one or a plurality of display elements. 

For example, when watching a baseball game, you can wear a Microsoft glasses View League individual skill statistics, The ball speed, the player number and other supplemental information.

The popularity of wearable devices will certainly be a curve-growth rather than common device used as a specific scene, the Microsoft design or help the user to skip this curve.

Of course, Microsoft’s AR / HUD (Augmented Reality / HUD) glasses equipment can be connected to the existing hardware ecosystem, may be used in conjunction with the Xbox and Kinect . However, this is just a patent, and in May last year to apply, therefore, even if Microsoft is able to continue to develop and put into production, product is not available after short time.


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