OpenArch: Interactive Rooms (Video)

Interactive RoomsA new project named OpenArch comprised of  the basic idea of Interactive Rooms.It is reminiscent of the movie “Minority Report” aspires the designer Ion Cuervas-Mons to translate it by creating interactive spaces that respond to touch, sound and movement.

What “Openarch Interactive Rooms” idea is ?

The development of Openarch was started three years ago and has now completed about 40%. The ultimate goal is the ability to turn any room into an interactive using projectors and motion sensors.

Here are Ion Cuervas-Mons`s words about Interactive Rooms

I believe that we need smart homes mainly because we can better control the energy consumption and avoid excessive use. If we manage physical objects to interact with digital information, everything will be easier and simpler. Will form the core of smart cities in the future.

Here are the comments of Different People about the this Project:

Wonderful. I teach students at college who have learning difficulties, mainly cookery skills (entry level).It is very difficult to find suitable resources. I just happened to find your site. The hygiene and safety section is very good. I am passing this site on to other areas such as horticulture and those who teach life skills. Please produce more. Thank you – Interactive Rooms. 

Judith- Teaching and Learning Leader


This is an EXCELLENT resource!!!I have just discovered your site and wish I had known about it before. My pupils love programming the sensory room. It is suitable for pupils with very complex needs just to enjoy the images and sounds on the interactive whiteboard, or for other more able students to be involved in programming it. Well done all and excellent website.

– Special Needs Teacher

The project of Interactive Rooms is expected to be implemented and available in January at Kickstarter.

Those who want to get a glimpse view the video below:

Interactive Rooms add a brand new dimension to exhibits and showrooms. With the Future-Shape’s sensing element technology you’ll be able to produce a full new traveller expertise with floors, walls, glazing, pictures, posters and three-dimensional exhibits that react once individuals approach them or bit them. place your guests within the driver’s seat and permit them to influence their own space space! produce presence-controlled lighting or sound effects and create data on the market on request!

Interactive Rooms Via: TechCrunch 


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