Megaupload is Back with a Great Gift: 50 GB Free for all


As we already announced , exactly one year after the close of Megaupload, its founder called  Kim Dotcom  has paved the way for a new cloud service.Released a few minutes ago, we tested on the fly and in this review we provide all our impressions.

Kim Dotcom held the countdown on Twitter and wanted the birth of Mega happen at the exact instant in which a year ago was closed Megaupload . The same Mr. Dotcom has segnalanto that in the first 10 minutes after they were committed 10 Gbit bandwidth, a truly incredible.

The site has been completely renovated in fact talking about a completely new site, now we will talk about Mega. As soon as we connect on the site is necessary to wait for the first loading, that due to the congestion of these first few minutes can also be very slow. In my case, initially was not even loaded the cloud.


Once on the site will not have to do is press the big red button with the word central MEGA and we will be asked to select the file you want to load. Really a very simple process! Note also the slogan that the English version is “BIGGER.BETTER. FASTER. STRONGER. SAFER. “Or” greater … “just to emphasize that it is a superior service to old Megaupload.

At this point, after having accepted the terms and conditions of service, will open the program screen and we can manage the upload and our space cloud. The site is translated into many languages ??including Italian too.


We can also choose to create an account with us, in this case we are offered well- 50GB of space for FREE , not bad for a cloud service mainly if we consider that it is likely to increase a lot. For those who are afraid to follow the fate of his predecessor Megaupload, Mr. Dotcom says that it is unassailable from a legal standpoint. To create your account, simply click on “Register”, insert your email and follow the few simple steps.

You can also subscribe to one of the paid plan:

  • € 9.99 per month for 500 GB of storage space and 1 TB of bandwidth
  • € 19.99 per month for 2 TB of space and 4 TB of bandwidth
  • € 29.99 per month for 4 TB of space and 8 TB of bandwidth

So if free account, imagine that the band is less than 1 TB, we will notify as soon as you find out. The price is very competitive, to give you an idea of ??the cloud service DropBox PRO offers 500 GB at a price of $ 49.99 per month or $ 499 for 1 year.

Once registered discover that was put in place an interesting system to encrypt our information is based on our random movements of the mouse.

As we can see from this screen, the interface is composed of a lower zone where we find our file upload, while in the upper left are the file manager and in the central area all the files (we’re still trying to upload a few files) . To upload a file or a folder, simply press the buttons at the top.


Within the settings of our account we can see the type of account you have, in our case is the base free then asks us if we want to “upgrade” with a fee.The free space available to us is shown with a nice chart.

Mega also allows you to start the upload multiple files at once, in the transfer settings we device the maximum number of simultaneous downloads and uploads and if we want to set a speed limit to avoid consuming all our bandwidth internet. An interesting feature is the possibility to avoid loading more times the same file. We can also decide to disable the security Socket Layer, SSL or, to increase the performance by giving up a secure connection with the server.

In the section “History Sessions” on our account we can also view the IP addresses of our connections and this is synonymous with safety.

Our judgment for the moment can not be that good, but still lacks the evaluation of the most important factor, the speed of loading, we can quantify only after the initial congestion will smudge. We are also talking about a service still in beta, so it’s too early to final assessments.

It seems that for now only works with Google Chrome browser, if you want to try you just go to this address

Update : Now also works on Safari (thanks to David C. of the comment)


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