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Will the planet finish and there is Doomsday within the year 2012? The Mayan calendar ends on December twenty one, 2012. Did the Mayans understand one thing we tend to don’t know? The rumors began. ‘Planet X’ was reported to touch the world someday in 2012. It had been aforementioned that a planetary alignment can pull the world out of orbit in 2012. The rumors gathered momentum. Movies and books exposed U.S.A. to the thought of 2012, finish of the planet, a polar shift and a rise in natural disasters. square measure these harmful theories all hoopla, or is there one thing to it?

Rob Hubbard has built the shelters are underground facilities in Montebello (California, USA) to prepare for the apocalypse or Doomsday

Luxury Bunker for Doomsday ?

Although the area is not large, but this basement complete with sofa, flat screen TV, bed, kitchen, bathroom, fireplace and wood flooring. This cellar was even said to be resistant to the attack of atomic and nuclear bombs.


 Tunnel was built at a depth of 6 meters below ground.

Instead of making use of for your own personal, Mr. Hubbard sold it for those who seek safety but still comfortable. From the sale of a home a month, so far, he has sold a day with £ 46,000.

“I was sold to celestial physics, those who believe in the possibility that  fire will be intense solar radiation or a large number of attacks on doomsday. “

Who Enjoy Video on doomsday?

The amenities tubers of the shelter. 

The cellar does not only attract those who believe in the end of the world but also the hunters hunt through the night. “People like them. We are in the room when hunting or weekend was great, so we I’m not sitting there waiting to perish. “

Even so, he insisted: “I am going into my shelter on 21/12 only because I already have one and if any physicist natural right, then I’ll feel stupid when not in it … I’ll be there for 3 days to be safe. I do not think something will happen, but who knows. “

Two bedroom shelter. 

Mr Hubbard said he was rushing for another 2 tubes shelter building in New York and Indiana to the demand of a number of customers.

Do you think, this Luxury Bunker will save folks from the impact of doomsday?


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