Losers Choose iPhone ?

Losers choose iPhoneEmployees YouGov conducted a survey, which allowed to know what phone models are usually the consumers who are trying to appear more abrupt than it actually is.

The study found that the owners of iPhone very often want to appear richer than it actually is. The researchers found that one in five of the owner of the phone Apple uses in its overdraft credit cards.

But the owners of BlackBerry smartphones and Android, it turns out, earn significantly more than those people who buy iPhone.

Fifty percent of iPhone owners earn annually not more than twenty thousand pounds a year. Among the users of Android and BlackBerry number of people who earn so little is significantly lower.

The study, in fact, broke all the stereotypes that the untwisted model bought by people who can afford it. In fact, these phones are buying insecure people to raise their own status in society.


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