The iPhone 5 is Scratched too? Depends on the Color

The iPhone 5 is Scratched too? Depends on the Color 1

iPhone 5 is only a few days in the hands of consumers, but even before it was sold, the alarm has already emerged in the net: the device is too righerebbe given the nature of aluminum. It really is a smartphone so delicate a newcomer in the house of Cupertino? Or the whole thing is due to an excessive alarmism? Between experiments and opposing mixed reviews, the truth seems to be in the middle.

 iPhone 5 is constructed in aluminum unibody , the same used in the MacBook Air and Pro, with the addition of a special processing to the diamond to differentiate opaque parts from those mirror. We can not say for certain that MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or iPad device you are Righino very easily, if not with the wear of years or physical trauma important but perhaps finishing the new iPhone exposes him to more risk. Thus, there are opposite judgments: people like iFixit reveals highly worried and those who, like iPhoneBuff and Avorah , bring the device with a hammer and threatening action keys and knives without detect damage very kind. Consequently, how to define the resistance of the iPhone 5?

The share of 1 Infinite Loop minimizes the issue and talk about is none other than Phil Schiller . The representative recalled that Apple is normal to have small scratches on these devices, because the aluminum will be inclined by nature and – of course – because the use pocket exposes it to various types of physical trauma. A statement, however, does not end the controversy on the Internet and even very specific what is the extent of the damage done to the iPhone 5 in the presence of wear caused by external agents acting on the rear surface of the device.

It only remains to rely on empirical experiments conducted on the Internet by many bloggers from the portfolio of an accordion, who daily offer many different crash tests on the devices most popular among users.

On the one hand there is the experiment of iFixit, who invited a nice girl to throw a bunch of keys repeatedly on a black iPhone 5 : marks on the back of the body became obvious, revealing the natural color silver aluminum. On the other hand we have the first evidence of Die Hard , YouTube channel dedicated to the world of Android that reveals how the iPhone is more durable than Samsung Galaxy SIII, and then a series of experiments conducted by Buff iPhone and Avorah, which show in video such as contact daily with keys, nails and knives is not able to provide great damage to white iPhone 5 . The majority of the scratches, in fact, is eliminated by cleaning the device or with the simple passage of the fingers. What will be, therefore, discriminating between these divergent positions?

First, it seems clear that the first factor relates to the power of impact: an account is playing a key scrape any friction in a pocket, as chosen by Avorah, much more is to launch a set of keys on the device, as shown by iFixit. Physical trauma are completely different and, fortunately, the second is a possibility rather rare. Then, it seems that there is a substantial difference depending on thecolor of the smartphone : the iPhone 5 actually Blacks are more prone to the problem, because the shocks seem to fade the color to show the natural silver metal.

iPhone 5 is therefore too prone to scratches ? Does not seem more than any other device, at least at the level of materials used. Considering instead the factor paint, the answer is quite obvious: better to buy a white iPhone by.


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