iOS 5.1 Untethered Jailbreak for New iPad 3 in Progress

iPad 3 Jailbreak

The new Apple iPad or iPad 3 is available now for sale. Matching the iPad launch is positive news for the iPad 3 Jailbreak! According to jailbreak hacker MuscleNerd the odds are pretty good for an iPad 3 Jailbreak – hence the advice: No matter which version of IOS, the new iPad comes to you three – update under any circumstances! Currently there are three different attack vectors good for the iPad 3 jailbreak in progress!

By Dev Team blog post Musclenerd posted parallel to the iPad 3 launched a blog post about ways to jailbreak iPad 3!

The need for an iPad 3 Jailbreak kernel dumps seems assured – the iOS hack that back in October here in this video was recorded for the iPad 2, seems to be working on the iPad 3. This is the first foundation stone for the new jailbreak is already established iPad.

Stefan Esser aka i0n1c should actually have performed a userland iPad 2 iOS Jailbreak 5.1 on a completely different way. We would then have iPad with two opportunities for the new jailbreak. The images of i0n1c (Cydia iOS 5.1 on an iPad 2) you can see below. This approach could lead to happiness and to Jailbreak the new iPad 3!

Third declaration of war: a hacker from the Cydia repo scene to work on another jailbreak method for the new iPad 3 Musclenerd will already have seen snippets of code appropriate.

How (and whether) the three possible causes for the iPad 3 jailbreak is still uncertain. Also not a release date for a jailbreak is in prospect. However, one thing is certain: the jailbreak hackers do not sleep but sit extensively deals with new methods for rapid iPad 3 Jailbreak.

In addition to the three iPad 3 Jailbreak possibilities makes probably even pod2g – the jailbreak hackers behind Absinthe and Corona – to continue the search for a suitable iPad 3 Jailbreak.

Musclenerd also points out that its NOT on your iPad 3 should update! If you shipped a version BEFORE iOS 5.1 on the iPad get – get in touch with Dev-Team!

As promised, are now the images of i0n1c – as mentioned here , however, is not clear whether i0n1c will actually release this jailbreak for the masses.


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