i0n1c: About to Start Cracking the New iPad

i0n1c - About to Start Cracking the New iPad

For many iOS escape novice, maybe they only recognize the Pod2g,  Chronic ,the  iPhone Dev Team and other dream team members of the hackers and brought us the iOS 5 after the release of the first The perfect escape . But we also can not ignore those movers and shakers in the earlier version of iOS- escape , such as the Comex division of the i0n1c, Geohot.

Comex and Geohot two young talents have been Apple and Facebook, amnesty, although there are rumors that they have left the company, but according to the present situation, they have from iOS jailbreak drifted further and further away. What about i0n1c?

Who is committed to developing 4.3.1,4.3.2,4.3.3 jailbreak famous hackers and security experts, via Twitter a few days ago issued a statement saying the new iPad about to hand a few days booked at the same time he will be the first time their jailbreak study.

We all know that the new iPad, whether in hardware or software is differentequipped A5X chip, pre loaded with the iOS 5.1. So for i0n1c, the difficulty is undoubtedly by far the most enormous.

We certainly hope that he can be completed as soon as possible to jailbreak the new iPad . But at the same time, sources said i0n1c only leave the new iPad jailbreak personal use, there is no intention to release jailbreak tool.


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