ICOMP: Google has Admitted his Guilt


Google has sent a letter to the European Commission with which he proposes a possible solution to the allegations received by his rivals, for which he received an ultimatum by the Antitrust Authority led by Joaquin Almunia. The Mountain View company has abused its dominant position in the market for search engines to distort competition and restrict consumer choice. According ICOMP (Initiative for a Competitive Online Market Place), the letter amounts to an admission of guilt.

ICOMP is an organization based in London who performs lobbying in favor of Microsoft, which receives funding. Among the accusers of the most used search engine in the world is, as is well known, the Redmond company, which is considered a victim of unfair involving implemented by Google with its search engine. According ICOMP, the letter sent to the European Commission, of which the contents are not known, is the confirmation that Google held an anti-competitive behavior , transforming a network open to a closed Internet. The organization now hopes that the proposals are examined not only by the Antitrust Authority, but also by third parties to ensure just compensation for damage caused by the malpractice of Google and prevent their repetition.

ICOMP emphasizes that the conduct of the company in Mountain View is under investigation in many countries, including USA, South Korea, Australia, Brazil, Argentina and India. In all these cases, as communicated notified as soon as Google’s answer to European authorities, users and competitors harboring the hope that the supervisory authorities could block forever the abusive practices of Google.

Source: ICOMP


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