Hands Off:An App that Monitors your Computer’s Connections to Net

Hands Off!, Monitors your computer's connections to the InternetHands Off! is an application that allows us to control the internet connections that applications installed on your computer perform. Being able to define custom rules for each application.

When an application accesses the Internet Hands Off! displays a window where we can give permission or not, even if we access is allowed only once, until we close the application or forever.

If you came to mind Little Snitch is normal. Both applications offer similar options with the difference of some unique features of the application of Metakine. And is that Hands Off! not only allows you to block outgoing connections but also incoming calls , block the resolution of domain names and the most interesting: prevent access to our files by applications (preventing unauthorized access to data) and block read and write operations .

The price of Hands Off! is 20 euros , compared to ten of Little Snitch 29.90. What additional features added to make their Hands Off! a tough competitor and applying more advisable at this time if we have control over Internet connections make our applications.

More info: Metakine


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