Hackers Threaten to Turn Off Internet Worldwide On March 31

Anonymous Cluster`s Huge Attack Mission on November 5thOn March 31 participating group Anonymous are going off the Internet around the globe. The purpose of the action, called OpGlobalBlackout (“Global Off”) – the main attack on the DNS-servers, the main task – translate numeric addresses of sites in a friendly letter names – the ones that we used to drive in a browser window. In addition, DNS-servers are responsible for the routing of Internet traffic.

And though, in case of attack, it is possible to use back-up equipment, it will take time, so – users around the world will not be able to go to your favorite online resources.

According to the group, the purpose of the temporary internet blackout – to remind yourself of unscrupulous politicians, multinational corporations, well, just another reason to cheer.

Prior to the stock Anonymous left a couple of days, but their younger counterparts from the other groups haktivistkoy LulzSec already hard at having fun. Among the latest developments – breaking the dating site for military MilitarySingles.com and online resource IT company CSS Corp.

The choice of these goals, LulzSec does not explain. The only record somehow related to the attacks, but does not shed light on their causes: “We do not plan their actions and do everything spontaneously.”

It is interesting that this post was not left to the normal twitter account hacktivists , and the LulzSec Reborn – that’s right – “born again LulzSec” – they call themselves some time.

Renaming happened after a few weeks ago, U.S. intelligence services had a wide-ranging action “unmask” and arrested several members of LulzSec. In those taken into custody and was Hector Xavier Monsegur, better known in the hacker environment as Sabu.

Presumably, Monsegur – a leader not only LulzSec, but a larger parent group Anonymous. In addition, he said, according to some sources, was a double agent: FBI recruited him a few years ago, and that he “passed” all the top LulzSec .

Perhaps the new attacks, as well as the promise of global Internet disconnection – an attempt to prove that despite the exit from the game manual hacktivists – wait for the weakening attack is not worth it.


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