Google in Trouble in the Proceedings Against Oracle

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The proceedings brought by Oracle against Google about Android and its hypothetical patent infringement related to Java is far from over. It even comes bouncing in a very unpleasant for Google following the disclosure of email exchanges between Andy Rubin for Development of Android to Larry Page. 

Rubin announced in October 2005 to take a page should be licensed Java from Sun (which has since been acquired by Oracle). Subsequently, he confirmed in other posts that it would be very difficult for Google to develop a Java virtual machine free and should therefore have the consent of Sun.

This is a big setback for Google, which says since the beginning of the procedure to have violated any patents related to Java. These pieces could tip the balance in favor of Oracle and Google to be very expensive if the company was forced to pay damages and take licenses Java on each Android device sold. 

As a reminder, Oracle asks $ 1 billion of damages which is a few dollars for each device Android market. 


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