Google Buys KikScore to Secure E-Commerce

Google Buys KikScore

Google has bought the patent, the technology and activities of KikScore , one provider trusts seal for small enterprises of e-commerce. The announcement was published on the official blog of KikScore.

KikScore offers its services to approximately 1,700 small businesses in various countries, but as of June 28, 2012 its support is no longer available. KikScore therefore suggests its customers to change to the Google Trusted Stores .

Google Trusted  Stores focuses on helping buyers of online stores assuring them that the delivery times and services are satisfactory. Google Trusted Stores offers buyers can also opt for a secure purchase , with the promise that Google will intervene if there were problems with billing or shipping. Merchants that display the distinctive Trusted Stores must meet Google standards for service and shipping problems. In a nutshell, Google Trusted Stores focuses on transactions of businesses online.

Rather different philosophy KikScore that, instead, focuses on the business reputation of a wider, reassuring buyers and visitors to the site about who is behind the activity, the stability of financial management or providing the inevitable customer feedback. Were not yet released details on what Google plans to do with technology KikScore. However, despite the differences between the two services, the acquisition of KikScore could expand the offerings from Trusted Stores making it more reliable, automatic and generally adaptable to any context.


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