Flycatcher- The Internet of … Everything

FlycatcherThe chip will connect to the Internet home appliances, medical instruments and even the woods …!

British company has created a chip that it claims can turn any electrical or electronic device in internetiki. The Flycatcher can connect home appliances, traffic lights, parking meters, medical equipment and any other device or system to the Internet. According to the researchers, the chip can connect to the Internet and even data collection sensors placed in forests like the Amazon.

The web- chip

To Flycatcher is a low power chip that researchers have created the British semiconductor maker Arm Holdings, which specializes in developing low power semiconductors. The company aims to enter the growing markets of the new generation mobile phones and tablets.

According to the creators of the Flycatcher (which is the name of a small bird) has unlimited applications. They argue that the link lights on the streets of the Internet and control them from there to facilitate better traffic management and in responding to emergencies for example to facilitate the path of an ambulance.

Similar action will be the chip to control household appliances such as refrigerators, heaters, lighting, alarms, etc., with the resident to have full control anywhere. Using Flycatcher medical tools or equipment (stethoscopes, blood pressure measuring devices, sugar, etc.) will allow direct transmission of data to physicians. The chip can also be connected to the Internet data collection sensors like those placed in trees as the Amazon forest, which is monitoring weather conditions.

However, the Arm Holdings does not want to market the chip code-name (Flycatcher) and has chosen the name Cortex-Mo +.


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