UK Announces Forthcoming Law That will Monitor Internet Access to Citizens

monitor on usersUnder the premise of trying to bring down all manner of crime on the network and the fight against terrorism, the UK government, through a ministry of Interior, announced that in the coming weeks  adopt a law with the ability to monitor calls, emails, publications or any visit or activity that is recorded on the Internet within the country. Legislation that puts the outcry of civil liberties.

With the legislation passed, every company operating on the Internet will be required to give the country’s intelligence agency GCHQ ( Government Communications Headquarters ) access to real-time communications.

A new attempt which claims the newspaper, does not seem to take into account the negative would have been in the past the previous Labour Party, when that failed after strong opposition from civil liberties groups. The timing of the announcement could come in May, pointing the Queen’s Speech as the right time.

It should be clarified that this new legislation would not allow the GCHQ’s accession to the content of the emails, calls or messages without a court order. Instead, they allow intelligence services to identify whether an individual or group is in contact with someone, how often and for how long.

According to the Interior Ministry statement:

This action is necessary to maintain the availability of data relating to communication such as technological change. It is vital that police and security services are able to obtain communications data under certain circumstances, either to investigate serious crime, to investigate terrorism or to protect citizens.

As established by the Defense and Security, is legislate as soon as Parliament would ensure that the use of communications data is consistent with the approach the government on civil liberties.

And at this point is probably the end of the proposal where the focus of the law has its main problem. Give the power to monitor intelligence services to citizens, to get your personal and private information, is an attack on fundamental rights of every individual who would approach the laws operating in China or Iran. It seems inconsistent to ensure the privacy of every citizen as an obligation on suppliers to keep track of the activities of each user.


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