Eventually the Twitter Can Predict the Success of a Film

Twitter predict success of film

The fact that Twitter represents a real-time “public sentiment” has (According to  several researchers ) a unique attribute and the ability to “forecast” the future. As mentioned, proper study and analysis of discussions within the service can predict the path of the stock until the success of a film or the outcome of presidential elections.

However, as noted in the survey “Why Watching Movie Tweets Won’t Tell the Whole Story” that made the University of Princeton, although the study of tweets can provide valuable lessons, not able to predict the commercial success of a project.

As people who use Twitter are not representative of the population, there is a strong correlation between preferences and how good is the course of production. Unless the positive feedback exceeds 70%, then there seems to be some correlation.

In any case, the researchers left open the possibility that they can draw more reliable conclusions using better analytical tools.


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