Digital Camera of the Future Sold in the U.S.

Digital Camera of the Future Sold in the U.S.Photo credit:

The brand claims that their product Lytro allow you to focus after taking the picture. The software is compatible with Apple and, in months, will be released the portable version to Windows.

In mid-2011 transcended the novelty of a camera that would revolutionize the photographic market. Nine months later, the announcement came true, and Americans can now acquire it.

“With pride we have begun to turn the camera Lytro our first customers and we are puttingthe future of the light field photography in your hands¬†, “said¬†Ren Ng¬†,¬†founder and president of Lytro¬†in a company blog Wednesday.

The camera was born of the doctoral thesis of the creator of the Stanford University in California (west) for eight years and is heralded as the first machine capable of capturing photos of all the light field of an entire scene.

Unlike a conventional camera that captures a single plane of light, the camera captures Lytro all the light field , ie, all the light that travels in all directions at each point in space , said the company based in California on their website.

Software allows data then use light to change the sharpness and change what is out of focus in digital images . 

Ng, who¬†was born in Malaysia and raised in Australia¬†, described the images taken by the camera Lytro as ”¬†living pictures¬†“because of the possibility of manipulating them.¬†

“This is an exciting time for our team Lytro,” Ng said the company blog.¬†“We finally see how you can use the camera Lytro to create and¬†share their own living images¬†, “he added.¬†

A 16-gigabyte model, the size of a stick of butter, it costs $ 499 and can store 750 photos. A model with 8 gigabytes costs $ 399 and store 350 images. 

The first comments from experts are enthusiastic released Thursday, said the news agency AFP . 

“The camera is reinventing consumer does not change, not perfect, but it is redesigned from top to bottom,”¬†said¬†Walt Mossberg¬†in the¬†Wall Street Journal¬†.¬†

“I think it’s revolutionary,” Mossberg said.

But the device has its drawbacks: the software is only compatible with Apple Macintosh computers , and the photo upload process is relatively slow due to file size. 

A Windows-compatible version will be released later , the company said. 

Sam Grobart¬†, the¬†New York Times¬†, said that the technology Lytro is “amazing” and “dazzling.”¬†

“Adjusting the focus of an image of Lytro¬†I feel like a CIA agent in a film that shows a satellite photo¬†and ask the technician to ‘improve’ the image until Carlos the Jackal is in focus, “he wrote.¬†

Still, the reporter laments the inability to add a filter or manipulate images using Adobe Photoshop.

If Lytro engineers refine this picture of the light field into something more versatile and cheaper (imagine this in a smart phone) could¬†be something that ‘changed the game’ ¬†of the current picture, he said.

Source: AFP


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