BitTorrent Sync, The New Cloud can Overshadow Mega

bittorrent-sync1BitTorrent Sync is a new application to access documents from multiple devices. Indeed, this is a new service in the cloud can overshadow Mega barely a week of its world premiere . And no wonder. Possibly, also become a major competitor to other storage services thanks to unlimited storage of files .

If this can already be the final choice for the user to pass BitTorrent Sync, another of the strengths of its disposal is the speed of uploading and downloading files. A feature which is known as BitTorrent, but It is also very important for users who handle a lot of documents usually on multiple platforms.

At present, BitTorrent Sync is in pre-alpha phase , in fact, Labs BitTorrent users can register to the available version in order to test the tool. Something that the developers are encouraging to enhance the application with the help of a forum to enable those who have already tried.

However, this new tool can saturate the market trite storage services in the cloud, especially when comparing users’ intentions to BitTorrent Sync with same functionality as Dropbox or Skydrive run low. The big difference, already ahead BitTorrent is that no third party can access your files . Ie BitTorrent Sync lacks privacy settings and not sharing service, but simply to access your files when you need them.

Therefore, part of the marketing they are doing developers platform is based on safety . Clearly, if you can not share your files with anyone for lack of options, their safety is not jeopardized.


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