Apple Patented an Innovative System for Wireless Charging

Apple Patented an Innovative System for Wireless Charging 1

Today we learn of a new patent from Apple which shows that the company’s interest in developing wireless charging without the use of bases, but a charge in the ether within 1 meter of the energy source.

We have already heard about in the past refills induction, such as that Nokia is taking, but so far we can not yet speak of charging “wireless“, because in fact the thread is, what changes is the connection with the device, ie the device is placed to a base which is connected via a wire to the current.

This patent however refers to a technology that provide for two elements, the transmitter and the receiver, and the transfer of energy between the two takes place thanks to the resonance between adjacent magnetic fields, or said in simpler words: without wires.

Apple Patented an Innovative System for Wireless Charging 2

According to reports, this type of charging is appropriate only in the case where the device requires a low amount of electricity and not for devices that need several watts or even hundreds.

If Apple could exploit this technology could change the way we conceive of charging the iPhone or maybe even other devices. Charging may take place without place the device on another element and it actually remove the wire, because it would simply connect the ‘”feeder element” to the current.  Not to mention the possibility of connecting this “feeder element” to a USB port or to an external battery laptop.

Of course we do not expect news soon from this point of view, for they shall be many issues related to a product like this, but know that Apple shows some interest not a little curious.

Via :  AppleInsider


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