Hackers broke into the network of the IAEA

Hackers broke into the network of the IAEA 2

Hackers managed to hack the computer network of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Attackers published in open access data of hundreds of experts who have worked with this organization.

November 27 was confirmed by the fact of breaking IAEA officials. They noted that the agency was “deeply regrets the publication of stolen data and does everything possible to prevent further leakage of information.”

Responsible for breaking the network took IAEA Iranian hacker group called “Parastoo” (translated from Farsi – “swallow”). In a statement on behalf of one of the sites reported that the group is opposed to Israel’s nuclear program. Hackers calling experts whose data were stolen, sign requesting of “open investigation” Israel’s nuclear program.

Iran, for its part, argues that Israel has nuclear weapons. Israeli authorities maintain a neutral position, neither confirming nor denying the charges. However, Israel has been actively fighting for minimizing nuclear program. According to Israeli officials, Tehran plans to acquire nuclear weapons.

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