Apple Finds New Battery Supplier to Replace Samsung

Apple Finds New Battery Supplier to Replace Samsung 1

The relationship between Apple and Samsung, as lucrative as it is for both parties has soured and may continue to do so more rapidly as both companies distance themselves from each other. According to reports, Apple has selected Amperex Technology Limited and Tianjin Lishen Battery to provide iPad and MacBook batteries after Samsung SDI stopped providing batteries to Apple.

SamsungĀ deniedĀ raising prices of Appleā€™s processor prices as retaliation for patent battle losses. Ā Rumors are also swirling about Apple looking for other potential processor manufacturers to replace Samsung. It is easy to understand why these companies would appear to want to distance themselves from each other after a brutal patent case. Ā Unfortunately for Apple, a good chunk of Appleā€™s components are manufactured by Samsung and not many component manufacturers have the available capacity to handle Appleā€™s growing needs.

In the near future, the two companies will continue to have a working relationship because it is mutually beneficial to each other. Ā But they will continue to sever their relationship going forward as they compete to edge each other in the mobile industry.


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