Apple Creativity: Concept of 10 Products in Future

Apple’s creativity is not only confined to the IT field, look at the future of the concept of the product that shows Apple’s ambitions.

iCycle – This is the “Holy Grail” of the bike. Whatever your cycling style is what – is traveling in the road on the mountain bike, just to relax, slow line or in the city. This bike can be automatically converted mode. The small screen on a manual conversion mode, display the position of the handle of the bike. It is not only in accordance with your requirements to convert the resistance levels also can continue to try to be adjusted so as to adapt to the terrain where you are . This bike has a built-in battery can be charged when you ride, allowing you to connect your iOS device, then charge for the bike moving. Apple in 2013 will bring us the best one of the future products.

The iSight – This high-tech glasses is not only looks stylish, but also help you to look at life in a very different manner. Such glasses have Dioptre users with just one click, you can turn it into a self-adjustment function sun glasses and concrete will be depending on the intensity of the sun. For new lenses will improve the resolution of the things you can see, so that you can see everything will have 1080p HD resolution and you can not only see these high-definition images while opening the camera to take pictures. Even iOS application to watch video. The color of the glasses will be black and white.

iRosol – Apple will be launched in 2013, another future new products, for any artist who will be an ideal tool for this sprayer is not only capable of any color scanning work (or you choose something) , but also allows you to use a pencil or scroll a paint brush to draw a thick line. This is a new replacement ink cartridges, and durability than ordinary spray cans twice. When you complete your paintings, only need time to replace one color T (blue), P (purple) or F (yellow), black iRosol will be sold separately.

The partners iPets – iDog and iCat ideal is a iPets, this is a perfect for anyone who wants to have a cute pet stuff. Fully integrated with iOS applications, you can set an “animal” pipe your home in the new techniques of view. You will also get a new companion, it will be trotting along behind you, track your performance.

iBrew – iBrew with iHome alarm clock or iPhone connected to to start automatically cooked to your morning coffee. You can put up to 12 packets in iBrew “iBean”, then this machine will do all things.

iceCream – the Apple iceCream will not have any mysterious or color washing, there will only be a good smell and low fat content. This is a very delicious future Apple products. we will be able to see this product in 2013.

iceBox – future With iceBox, the kitchen will be complex changes. Apple TV to watch a movie when you want to do a sandwich? iceBox be able to track your movement in the room, and then continue to play a movie when you’re in the kitchen.There is a variety of food iceBox different parts, so you can be on the iOS devices to work a piece of meat to thaw … this is a kitchen tool.

iPlay – it is not just a gaming machine, but also the game’s future. iPlay will let you through iCloud and iOS devices simplistic communication, allowing your time at home, even if it went to another room to go through the controller to play games on TV; or when you walk when any iOS device to play through the game. You play the game experience will be continuous, one of the greatest in this 2013 Apple product point of view of any TV series and movies.

iQua – Water is the source of life, and the latest Apple Developer filtration system can clean any contaminated water. This carbon filter can remove 99.9% of the mercury in water. In addition, this product can reduce the chlorine content of the water becomes clean and delicious. This product will have a portable design, hydro in a long time in the freezer. At home, work or movement “bottle” is a very desirable product. This Apple’s future products, each filter must design three months.

HiTops – This high-tech sneakers make you enjoy automatic tie his shoe. If necessary, this product with the Nike + integration allows you to monitor the number of calories consumed footwork, but you can also enjoy the convenience brought by this sneakers and appreciate their appearance. The shoes will be white or black color.

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