Android.Arspam: Malware or Activist?

Symantec has published on its website the reports on a new threat to Android devices. It is a malware , identified as Android.Arspam , discovered by the team in recent days and potentially able to send SMS from the device containing the infected spam to contacts in your address book.

Android.Arspam- Malware or Activist

The method chosen by the creators for its spread is rather bizarre:Android.Arspam is designed to target particular devices of the Middle East region, particularly those with high presence of Muslims, because it installs itself as a useful application to recognize the orientation which addressed their prayers. 

Strange also the end of the malicious code , which instead of pointing to an increasingly widespread, simply SMS text includes a link to a forum in which it is celebrated the figure of Mohamed Bouaziz , the young Tunisian activist,became a symbol of popular uprisings that shook the country last year.

Rather than defining the threat a real malware, one can therefore speak of “hacktivism” , a neologism coined to define this type of actions, aimed at raising public awareness through the execution of unauthorized transactions on users’ devices.

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