Amazing Laser Keyboard on iPhone and iPad

Amazing laser keyboard on iPhone and iPad Virtual laser keyboard, a new regional on iPhone and iPad presented by the American Society Hammacher Schlemer for those who have difficulty typing with the touch keyboard of their favorite mobile device.

 This is a virtual laser keyboard connected to iPhone / iPad via Bluetooth and allows you to type easily and quickly on any flat surface. Operation is based on the existence of optical sensor that detects the position of your fingertips whenever you put on a virtual button.

And if you worry that the device will not be able to meet 100% in fast typing your company yposchetaidynatotita recognition up to 400 characters per minute. The keyboard works with rechargeable batteries, thanks to its small size, you can take it with you whenever tochreiazeste.

To virtual keyboard of Hammacher Schlemer will find here at $ 199.

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