Get Access to 38 Great Wallpaper Hidden in OS X Lion Mountain

Get Access to 38 Great Wallpaper Hidden in OS X Lion Mountain 1

By default, OS X Lion Mountain wallpaper includes 35 favourite motifs with the block: fauna, flora, air and cosmos. They are great, but surely one already has his eye on the fabulous photographs in the Salvapallas, especially those of National Geographic , right?

Well I have good news: all those pictures are hidden within a system folder with 3200 × 2000 pixel resolution, more than enough to decorate your Macs. Discounting find the repeated images of National Geographic seventeen, seven airlines, seven of the Hubble Space Telescope and seven natural frames.Total: 38 new funds for your enjoyment .

To use them just have to follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Select and copy this address (Command + C): / System / Library / Frameworks / ScreenSaver. Framework / Versions / A / Resources / Default Collections /
  2. Press Command + Shift + G in Finder window to display the “Go to Folder …”
  3. Direction paste (Command + V) and click on the Go button
  4. Copy the four folders to find within your images folder or wherever you want to add from the Desktop & Screen Saver pane in System Preferences.

Alternatively you can also copy them avoid passing out doubling the space taken by adding them directly from the preferences by clicking on the + button, pasting the above address by combining Command + Shift + G and selected folders.

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